Virtual Matrix Selector Pro Driver

Virtual Matrix Selector Pro Driver
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With this handy driver you can keep track of which source is playing in what room or zone. Very simple to use and saves countless system flags, having to set/reset flags, testing flags, ugh! This turns a programming nightmare into a dream. (And there's new features all the time...)
Virtual Matrix Selector Pro combines the best of Virtual Selector Pro and Virtual Selector for Sources to your multi-zone audio/video system. Virtual Matrix Selector Pro XL driver allows you to set up and select virtual zones and run macros based on the current selection. You can name the zones and use the names in your text boxes. You can keep track of sources for your zones. Flags are updated automatically when a selection is made. The selected flag becomes true and all other flags become false. Additional features allow you to show zone and source feedback (string, integer or flags) from your multi-zone equipment such as an amp showing volume feedback per zone. This driver supports multi-remote lockout so that if one remote is being used for Mom's music in the bathroom, other remotes can't change her soothing vibes! This is a serious driver for serious RTI remotes! Please order the quantity based on the number of remotes, iPanels, Virtual Panels, In-walls and all remotes in the system.
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